Wednesday, 26 May 2010

FMP - MailArt Project

So, for my final major, I distributed about 75 envelopes to members of the general public. Inside each envelope was a small blank card, or a playing card, a self-addressed, stamped envelope and a letter that briefly explained my project and what I wanted them to do. I basically asked each person if they could decorate the card in whatever way they wanted and send it back to me, in order for it to be added to the final collection of cards that will be displayed somehow in the exhibition. I gave them no restrictions or strict guidelines to follow when decorating the card, in the anticipation that each one would be completely different.
I sent some of the letters to random addresses around the UK that I found on an online BT directory (stalker) and I gave loads of them out in London, by directly handing them to passers by, putting them through doors, leaving them in galleries, on buses, in phoneboxes, on bikes... that kind of thing!

To be honest, I didn't hope to receive a large number back, if any at all.
But I will keep this blog updated and post photos of any cards that I get in the post!

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